7th CPC Accepted Without Any Change On Good Service/Good Conduct/Badge Pay

7th CPC Accepted without any change on Good Service/Good Conduct/Badge Pay

Good Service / Good Conduct / Badge Pay (Para 8.8.3-5)

Existing Provisions: PBORs of the three Services are granted Good Service Pay after completion of certain specified length of service during which they have maintained high degree of discipline, good conduct and professional update. For PBORs of army, the specified length is 3, 6 and 9 years of service. For PBORs of IAF and Navy, it is 4, 8 and 12 years of service. For the PBORs of the Indian Army. The existing rate is ₹64 pm for each of the three stages, while for the PBORs of Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force, the amount is ₹80 pm.

Recommendations of 7th CPC: The 7th CPC has recommended to enhance the rate of this allowance by 2.25. The nomenclature has also been changed to Good Service/Good Conduct/Badge Allowance.

I. Defence Forces: Good Service Pay / Good Service Badge be allowed to all JCOs on their promotion or these may be allowed to be subsumed in the Pay at the time of promotion to JCO.

II. Cabinet Secretariat: This allowance may be granted to PBORs in Special Frontier Force (SFF) as well.

Analysis and Recommendations of the Committee:
The demands of the Defence Forces as well as SFF do not emanate from any changes suggested by the 7th CPC in this regard. Therefore, they do not fall under the remit of this Committee. MoD has not made any recommendations in this regard. The recommendations of the 7th CPC on Good Service / Good Conduct / Badge Pay may, therefore, be accepted without any change.

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