AIRF – Charges Against The Ticket Checking Staff

Charges against the Ticket Checking Staff – AIRF


Dated: January 21, 2018

Dear Shri Sharma Ji!

Sub: Charges against the Ticket Checking Staff
Ref.: Your circular dated 19.01.2018

We are very much pained after going through your circular referred to above; alleging the Ticket Checking Staff about taking bribe from the general travelling public for accommodating them in the Sleeper Class.

I believe that, Hon’ble MR has not been properly briefed by the administration about the yeoman’s service rendered by the Ticket Checking Staff. In spite of their shortage, they are meeting every target fixed by the Railway Board as well as many a times they are forced by their local officers for such targets which are never possible to achieve, even then they are serving their valued passengers to a great satisfaction. There are orders from the Railway Board that, any passenger found unauthorizedly travelling should be issued ticket up to the next station and then he should be de-trained at the next station, but all the local CCMs are forcing the Ticket Checking Staff to charge them for farthest end to increase the earnings of the Railways. This is happening in blatant disobedience to Railway Board’s orders and the Ticket Checking Staff are forced to accommodate them in the Sleeper Class.

There might be some black sheep in the organization, and AIRF has always supported the administration to deal with these black sheep. They may be staff or officers, but issuing such instructions, demoralizing the Ticket Checking Staff, who are the bread earner of the Indian Railways, is very unfortunate.

It is very earnestly requested that, the above cited circular, issued by your goodself, should immediately be withdrawn, and any such activity, defaming the Ticket Checking Staff as a whole, will definitely not only demoralize them, but also result in industrial unrest. You are, therefore, requested to take action against the cuprites, but dealing every Ticket Checking Staff with the same stick will not only humiliate the Ticket Checking Staff, but also lead to serious agitations all over the Indian Railways.

Hope, you will take this matter seriously and give a healing touch to the Ticket Checking Staff who are much aggrieved and agitating all over the Indian Railways on this letter of yours.

Yours faithfully,
(Shiv Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

Source: AIRF

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