7th CPC – Children Education Allowance To Defence Forces

7th CPC Children Education Allowance to Defence Personnel

CEA Scheme: It has two components, CEA and Hostel Subsidy. Both cannot be claimed concurrently.

(a) CEA: Rs 2250/- per month per child for two children only. CEA is admissible from Nursery to 12th classes.

(i) Reimbursement should be done just once a year, after completion of the financial year (which for most schools coincides with the Academic year).

(ii) Certificate from the head of institution where the ward of government employee studies should be sufficient for this purpose. The certificate should confirm that the child studied in the school during the previous academic year.

(b) Hostel Subsidy: Rs 6750/- per month per child for two children only. Applicable when children are studying in a boarding school away from the place of posting of the father/mother.

(i) Certificate from the head of institution should suffice, with the additional requirement that the certificate should mention the amount of expenditure incurred by the government servant towards lodging and boarding in the residential complex.

(ii) The amount of expenditure mentioned, or the ceiling as mentioned at Para 2.3 (b) above, whichever is lower, shall be paid to the employee.

Educational Concession to Children of Personnel Missing/ Disabled/ Killed in Action.

Note : The combined amount of Tuition Fees and Hostel Charges shall not exceed Rs 10,000/- Per month.

Auth : GoI, MoD letter No 6(1)/2009/Edu. Concession/D (Res-II) dated 13 Sep 2017.

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