7th CPC Pay Fixation For TN Govt Employees

TN 7th CPC Pay Fixation : Revised Pay Calculation for Additional Director with illustration

Tamil Nadu State Government Employees Revised Pay Calculation with Pay Matrix Table. The Pay Fixation methodology is same as the calculation adopted for Central Government Employees.

An Additional Director is presently drawing a Basic Pay of Rs. 53,590 (Pay in the Pay Band Rs. 44790 + Grade Pay Rs.8800 = Rs.53590). After multiplying Rs. 53,590 with 2.57, a figure of Rs. 1,37,726.30 is arrived at. This is rounded off to Rs. 1,37,726.

The level corresponding to GP 8800 is Level 29, as may be seen from Table, which gives the full correspondence between existing Grade Pay and the new Levels being proposed. In the column for Level 29, the figure equal to or higher than Rs.1,37,726 is Rs. 1,38,800.

Hence the pay of Additional Director will be fixed at Rs.1,38,800 in level 29 in the new pay matrix as shown below:

1. Existing Pay Band : PB-4

2. Existing Grade Pay : Rs.8800

3. Existing Pay in PB : Rs. 44,790

4. Existing Basic Pay : Rs. 53,590 (A)

5. Pay after multiplication by a fitment factor of 2.57 : 137726 x 2.57 = Rs. 1,37,726.30 (rounded off to 1,37,726)

6. Level corresponding to GP 8800 : Level 29

7. Revised Pay in Pay Matrix (either equal to or next higher to Rs. 137726 in Level 29




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